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Affordable Wind Turbines

Portable Wind Turbine » Plug and play wind power

Plug and play wind power? That’s the idea behind the affordable wind turbines portable wind turbine.

The Portable Wind Turbine kit comes with everything you need to get the system up and running, including a wind turbine with built in power inverter,unit tower base, all wiring is internally pre wired, and all necessary power cables. It features built-in circuit protection, a maximum output of 1200 watts and doesn’t require a dedicated electrical panel.The portable wind turbine simply plugs into an ordinary outdoor wall outlet.
The system will pay for itself in reduced electricity bills within 2 years, or less after rebates and tax credits.
the 1 kw portable wind turbine is virtually noiseless and can be installed in under an hour. With a built in grid tie, you simply plug the system into your home outlet.

Easily generate clean power anywhere you go with this small wind turbine!
      Prewired and  this turbine is ready to join your next adventure.
      The steel reinforce fiberglass blades are securely bolted to the generator hub.
      Thick UV resistant housing and blades are tested in a real engineering wind tunnel.
      Different mounting types to suit your application.


  Easy to Install, Portable, & Safe.  IP68 waterproof
  Includes built-in diode to rectify the 3 pahse ac to dc .
  Grid tied power inverter included  all built in


Welcome To The Worlds First Wind Turbine Appliance !

Introducing the 1 kilowatt portable wind turbine from affordable wind turbines . This revolutionary wind turbine boasts the ability to easily move or transport the unit when needed by simply draining the water from the base ! this wind turbine is also revolutionary in regards to how the wind turbine is connected to the grid it simply plugs into an ordinary outdoor wall outlet, this means the wind turbine does not require an electrician to connect the grid tied power inverter to your electrical panel to feed power from the unit back into your home or apartment, unlike other wind turbines on the market today ! the wind turbine is also made from durable a b s plastic , can withstand high winds, is bird and bat friendly and also does not make any blade slapping noise unlike conventional wind turbines! The helical vertical axis wind turbine rotor design is also very efficient in low winds or if placed next to structures it will still function unlike other wind turbines . The 1 kilowatt portable vertical axis wind turbine is a great choice for renters or home owners that want to save on their electric bill but don’t want to pay the added expense for a permanent installation or because cant because of renting and want to be able to take the wind turbine with them when they move , the wind turbine is also great for temporary power requirements . The 1 kilowatt unit is available in a grid tied model or a battery charging model or can be used for both applications simultaneously . the affordable wind turbines vertical axis unit is the worlds first mid sized truly portable wind turbine ever developed as of today.

This commercial grade quality turbine kit is used On-Grid to reduce how much electrical power you need to buy from the power company . This commercial grade quality turbine kit is used On-Grid to reduce how much electrical power you need to buy from the power company , it can be used for off grid-or battery charging . Proudly Made In The U.S.A

1 kw portable wind turbine
portable wind turbine
grid tied portable wind turbine
portable grid tied wind turbine